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Shalom! My name is Mimi Oppenheimer. I am a certified tour guide to Israel, carrying a license from the Israeli Ministry of Tourism. I enthusiastically practice private tour guides in Israel for more then 12 years. In addition to my tour guiding training I am also a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in History and African Studies. It is always a great pleasure and highly rewording for me to travel in Israel with people whose interest is to see, learn and experience the holy places, landscapes, old cities such as Jerusalem and Jaffa, modern and energetic cities such as Tel Aviv, multiple cultures and the colorful diversity of this wonderful country. In addition the tour guiding and my own trips in Israel, I enjoy plenty of on-going education about Israel ancient and modern history. I am excited from the historical politics, culture, religions and struggles as well as highly interested in today's affairs. I feel extremely luck to be able to learn and perceive current life in Israel in perspective of time and geography, politics, culture and religions. I take particular pleasure in combining the dreams and stories of my guests with the actual sites and scenes that were the origins for these dreams and stories. It may be the The Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem, combined with the history of Jesus, the Romans and the Jews, the West Wall and newest trails through recently discovered projects of Harrods, Muslim quarter of old Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, Masada, See of Galilee, the Negev and so much more. All combined with the stories of thousands of years of history, culture religions, geology and so much more.
If you are looking for a tour guide to Israel with a personal touch, flexible itinerary planning, covering the many jewels of nature throughout Israel as well as the exciting history of the Holy Land, this is your gateway to your Israel tour.
Whether traveling with family for a vacation, during a business trip or when having a family event in Israel, advance planning with a private tour guide in Israel is important. You will be able to adjust your plans according to your changing needs during the tour and get full attention from me, your private tour guide. I am able to provide you the best time usage, best experience and the most satisfaction you can get for the time and effort you spend for your trip.