In the year 2005 I wanted to self import a Tour Car for my work, as the car dealer stop importing it

I requested an import license from the ministry of Transportation

They said no, and refused to explain why

I petitioned to the Supreme Court and despite all the tricks in the book that the civil servant used on me I won the case by myself, without any lawyer 10 years later 2015

When I saw the access power that the civil servant did against me I new I need to form an association to fight the bureaucrats

With the help of  10  friends, colleagues, founders, we  founded the Israeli Tour Car Association

Since then I took to court many times the Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Tourism and the Tax authority and I managed to help my self and my colleagues from the bureaucrats

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מוטי והדיסקו על מצוק ההעתקים

My favorite Car Land Rover Discovery 4 My Favorite place in Israel Judea Desert – Cliff Nature reserve over looking The Dead Sea


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